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Away Team, a new game by Lost Zombie Studio, Lets you manage a lost ship and its crew in deep space. Control individual crew members on dangerous away missions to hostile planets and derelict space stations. Survive by upgrading your crews gear and specializations while evolving your ships systems as you go.

You can purchase Away team early access here very soon.

Adventures in PR…

Jody Gallagher

Context This isn’t going to be much use to an established company or developer, It might be a little more interesting to students looking to start a company or newly founded devs. Also my spelling and grammar are shocking so apologies in advance! Lost Zombie Studio consists of two people me (Jody Gallagher) and Matt […]

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Randomized Characters


  Hey folks! Jody here with a little update on the progress of ‘Away Team’ and a look into the methods we use for producing a large volume the game’s assets. First off, the game is coming along nicely, we are fast approaching an alpha release so keep your eyes peeled for future updates. Secondly, […]

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New website is live!

LZS logo

  Hi folks we are working silly hours right now to get Away Team available for early access. We also took some time this weekend to get this new and improved website up and running, Please give us a heads up if you spot anything you don’t like about the new site.   Hope you […]

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